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Looking to make money online with mylot? Well, its a horrible idea. I have been making money online through different websites and programs for the past 10 years. is basically a scam. Do not waste your time by signing up.

Listen to what people are saying about mylot:

you earn less than 1 cent a post. (I’ve made over 100 posts and I’m still sitting at under $1.) I think you earn a penny for every three posts and you make more if you do certain things to your posts like put a picture in it. Also, you make more if people respond to a thread you start. The problem is you have to start the most retarded threads to get any response. (Like “Do you like the color purple?”)

A community of about 1 million members or more that? well post and reply to each other. You get paid for posting and referring and for uploading but its very hard to earn.
What I think:
So, I signed up for MyLot and I was really looking forward to a great time earning my share of money on the internet. O how I was wrong! After posting 4 articles with an average of 2 replies each i hade made the sum of 0.12 cents. I mean really i could make that by writing 1 article here on review stream.
Why its a complete scam:
Well, it is not only very hard to earn any money at all but it is also very hard to get it cashed out. You need the minimum of $10.00 and most users i talked to about that had only made $8.00 even after posting 400+ replies?.
Website Link: (It really is not worth it (I wont even bother putting in my refferal code))

Is Mylot worth it? No

How to Make More Money Online

What a lot of people don’t realize about making money online is that there are thousands of ways to go about it.

Don’t try to do something that someone else is doing because you have seen proof of their earnings. Figure out what works best for you. You need to think about your own skill set.

If you have a good knowledge about programing, HTML, and computers ten I would recommend making websites.

If you have a video camera then try making videos.

If you are a good writer then start a blog. Or make an e book.

You need to figure out what skills you have and then put them to work. Good Luck

Making Money Online, Its Not That Hard…

Making money online is really not too hard. I have been trying to make money online for a while and it seems to work, as long as you are willing to stay with it and not give up. So far here are the best things that I have found when making money online.

First things first… you need the ability to drive traffic to any given website. Whether you are in affiliate marketing, selling your product, or using pay per click ads… you need visitors.

I love search engine traffic. I think that ranking for keywords is the best thing that you can do for your websites.  The best way to rank high is to get links from other domains to your website. There are many other factors involved but I have found that the best way to rank is to get tons of links.

In terms of making money here are a few simple things that I do and you can learn from:

1. Adsense

2. TLA

3. Clickbank

Adsense is really cool because you can make money by people click on links, no strings attached. I love adsense and you can find adsense ads all over this site. Depending on the keywords the ads will pay me a different amount of money.

TLA or text link ads is also cool because they are easy to use and once you have it set up you just sit back and let the money come into your paypal. You wont make much here but it is still easy and worth while.

Clickbank is the easiest way to make a lot of money, you can get up to %75 percent commission on sales when you send visitors to other websites. Be sure to use Clickbank if you are trying to make money online.

Its really not too hard to make money online. Get a website, get links to your website and start a paypal account. There are hundreds of places to learn about this process online. Many blogs give great tips and I hope I can help you in your search for internet wealth.

How to Make More Money than Bill Gates by Using Digg

What is Digg? – Digg is one of the coolest websites known to man. Digg is a way for the public to filter through blog posts/images/videos/articles/websites/whatever and determine which ones are cool or not. Digg is also completely free to use. Can u dig it?

How does Digg work? - Digg is like a ginormous voting system for web information. The more people who vote or “Digg” any specific item… the higher it will rise in the Digg rankings. Sounds rather simple, huh?

Who uses Digg? – Anyone and Everyone. Digg is a system which is powered by the people. We choose what gets submitted and ultimately we choose which submissions are cool or not. This means that no website is too big or small, even your lame website about windows vista can make it into the Digg rankings.

How can I make money using Digg? – Here is the really cool part, so pay attention my friend… Submissions that make it to the front page of Digg get massive amounts of traffic. So much traffic in fact, that there is actually a new term called the “Digg Effect” – Digg effect is “the term given to the phenomenon of a popular website linking to a smaller site, causing the smaller site to slow down or even temporarily close due to the increased traffic.”

However, you have no need to worry about this just yet. First you need to worry about making it to the front page.

Assuming that you are the owner of some sort of website, and also assuming that this website has a way to make you money… Here is how you are going to use Digg to become an internet billionaire.

There are many excellent resources online about using Digg to increase your website traffic and make money online. I have compiled a list of the best sites that I could possibly find. After reading these you should be well on your way to Pwning Bill Gates. If you think that I left out a link, just let me know!

Let me know in the comments if I missed something that isn’t covered in the readings. Enjoy!

Make More Money Online by Selling a Downloadable Product

One of the best ways to make money online is to sell a real product. My main advice would be to sell a product that can be downloaded. If this is not possible… for instance you are really good at making t shirts or auto parts, then you might want to open up something local and use the internet to advertise. The main focus of this post is on finding a type of product that can be sold on the internet and be a source of passive income. If you think like me… you want to achieve a lifestyle where money flows into your bank account with little to no work. There are thousands of people who have become rich by selling products online. Most of them have the entire system automated.

So now you might be wondering, what in the world are you going to sell and how?

Best products to sell online:

1. Information
2. E Books
3. Audio
4. Video
5. Software
6. Pictures
7. Web Templates
8. Newsletters
9. Memberships

All the above products can be downloaded except for number 8. (which doesn’t even need to be downloaded)

Unless you are an experienced webmaster, I recommend choosing a product from 1-7. Selling memberships is something that you will do if you have a very popular website.

Most of the items I listed are also relatively easy to make, except number 5, software. However, if you know anything about programing then you can make a fortune by selling your software online.

One of my favorite items on this list is newsletters, explains why:

Newsletters can be even better than ebooks at generating massive profits

If you think about it, newsletters can give you recurring income. If someone purchases a newsletter from you, they pay each month, or each quarter or every year for the subscription to the newsletter. The money keeps coming in.

Take for example a newsletter written by a lady called Monique Harris called Digital Publishing & Promotion. She sells this newsletter for a subscription fee of $19 a month and has over 1000 subscribers. That is a $19,000 per month income and she doesn’t even have to get any more subscribers to continue that income! If you think some more about this you will see how much profit potential these types of newsletters can have. Monique has an ebook which explains how she managed to do this which you can get access to.

Now that you have an idea of something that you can sell, all you need to do is make a website and start getting traffic. You will be hooked the first time that you make a sale while you are asleep. Imagine going on vacation and your product still being bought 24/7 while you lay on the beach?

I will go into more detail about each type of product, making the website, and how to get targeted traffic in future posts.

Any ideas on this subject?

Link Bait

Link Bait or Link Baiting is perhaps the most important part of getting links to your website. The more links that point to your website the better you will rank in search engines. The better you rank in search engines the more money you will make.

So how are you going to get other webmasters to put a link on their site that points to your site? You don’t want to spam people, you don’t want to send out 1000 emails and beg for links. You need to learn the delicate art of link baiting .

There are many different ways to go about link baiting… has a great list of link baiting ideas:

* Make a valuable resource (lists, special reports, history of, how to, etc.)
* Interview (e-mail/phone) prominent people and publish it.
* Build a useful tool
* Write an interesting article
* Run a newsworthy ?event? such as a contest
* Test something new that has not been done before
* Be the first in doing something on the internet
* Write something controversial
* Be the first to write the latest news in your niche
* Be the first to expose a scammer
* Disagree with an authority
* Write some funny humor
* Make an interesting picture
* Be the first to research and document something
* Make a theme, plugin or piece of software
* Make a tool that others can put on their sites but that links to you
* Make a joke about a known person
* Make a resource that is just in time for a major event
* Write an outrageous theory and back it up with logics
* Write useful comments on something that is happening
* Give something valuable for free
* Coin a new acronym in your niche and get people to talk about it
* Become an expert in your niche and write valuable information

The goal of any of these tactics is the same. You want to get links to your website. Think about what kind of sites that you currently link out to and why…

For instance, one of the websites that is the king of link baiting is Every one of my websites has a link that points to them. That is true link baiting at work! This is an example of giving away a service for free. The only way that I can check my stats is to have a link on my site that points to their site.

Well… now lets be a little bit more practical. Most of us do not have the skills to code an online stat counter or give away a free service. We need to think of easier ways to make link bait.

Try a few of these things on your website:

1. Give away free awards or images that link back to your site.
2. Make a valuable resource of information.
3. Publish a piece of breaking news.
4. Write something very controversial.
5. Make something really funny.
6. Make something really unique.

If you have a blog, link baiting can be pretty easy… Make sure that you know your target audience and then use social bookmarks like and to make your post go viral.

Make Link baiting fun. Try to come up with good bait and catch yourself more fish. Keep track of which link bait tactics work the best. Keep track of link bait that fails. In the end you will probably come up with one or two great ideas and get a lot of links.

Another thing to consider for link baiting is to learn how to code webmaster tools. This may seem hard but if you take the time to do it then you could make really powerful link bait.

Putting Yuwie in the Past

I haven’t had the time or motivation to keep up with the world of Yuwie. If you are looking to make serious money online I don’t recommend joining their website. There are many other opportunities on the internet to increase passive income.

With that being said, I am still a member and still make monthly earnings. This is one of the main reasons why internet programs and websites are in my opinion the best way to achieve passive income. Every idea or scheme that you put time into will not be a complete success. Some will make more money than others. The trick is to keep on going, keep on learning, and keep on experimenting with new ideas, programs, websites, etc. While you are learning new things and starting new websites, you will most likely be collecting from your old ones.

The internet is a beautiful thing. If you have the time and patience to sit down and learn a little bit about how it works, you can be worldwide within minutes. It is fully possible to start a business one day and be selling to thousands of customers from around the world the next day.

So if you came to this site wondering anything about Yuwie, I am sad to say that I’m done talking about it. However, I will keep the domain, I will keep all the old posts, and I plan to expand this website and keep blogging about making money online. Look forward to more coming soon.

The Myspace Trick

Here is a simple Myspace trick to get a lot of people looking at your splash page.

You can use this trick on your current myspace profile or make a few new ones and use it on those.

Copy and paste the following bit of code to your about me section on your myspace edit profile screen. Change my yuwie number to your yuwie number.

What this does is creates an invisible picture over your profile so when anyone clicks… they are taken to your splash page.

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How to Earn $3000 per Month from Blogging while Keeping Your Day Job

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